Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hidden in Honesty

I'm agitated right now. It's about this blog. I just came from reading Corine's recent post (which I hope she's brave enough to keep up...fingers crossed) and she jolted me. Have I been hiding in honesty? (dis) My husband doesn't read this damn blog and frankly he doesn't even give a damn about it. But, do you know what? I don't even care. I am liberated by it. It's my world. My place. My say. My control. My thing. (I concur with one of Corine's comments) Liberated. Having said that, I am the big shot who promotes freedom of speech and uncensorship of self - and here I am holding back. I don't want to do 'sicky' sweet December (holiday) posts 'all' the time. I'd like to rant once in a while too. (for those of you who know me personally you know what I say here) And that's where my agitation comes in. If I let it rip, will my readers scoot? If I voice my sometimes-too-strong opinions will my Mother make the dreaded phone call. The one where she doesn't say much. (she is my biggest fan after all) The silent treatment call. Will I embarrass my kids, shock my friends or annoy you my dear friend? So, there you have it. An agitated writer and frustrated photographer. My blog comments are non-existent lately (but my traffic is way up) What does this say? Am I boring? Dull? Repetitive? Blah Blah Blah. Agitated like an old washing machine. Burning up the first week of the 12th month. This post is dedicated to Corine. Even though it makes no sense really other than I just had to get a bit off my chest. For you Corine, My brave and wonderful writer blogebrity. Love and War in Blogging. (If a hubby, wife or significant other reads your blog and critiques it, that 's a good thing right?)


corine said...

Nooo.. don't send me all your readers.. this was supposed to be secret. Oh well... Don't worry, your voice resonates loud and clean through your posts and I feel as though I know you.

And why do husbands not read our blogs. Are they afraid to hear us roar? Or is it that they hear us roar enough as it is :-)

PS. my reason for not commenting enough on your blog is that I can't keep up with your pace of a gazillion posts a day!


Ha ha...dear readers, as I write this comment he's (my husband) standing in the kitchen flexing his bare skinned muscles and asking me if the gym is helping. (as he fixes Lipton chicken noodle soup and toast with peanut butter) Alas...he doesn't even miss a beat....with male ego...Corine..I do post a gazillion posts a day don't I? Perhaps I should slow down. Whaddaya say y'all?

danamite said...

my darling liberty - i don't comment very often because i am usually thinking after reading your blog - and than thinking requires time to appreciate and marinate - and i will remember that commenting is a quiet form of appreciation - and i appreciate you so much.

(and aren't our canadian politics spicy right now!?)

dana in british columbia

catherine said...

THAT was so perfcet! About your husband in the kitchen!!!! That is a perfect example of their world as opposed to yours in the very same moment. Say "yes sweetheart, you are soo sexy" then go about YOUR business. Just b/c he does not read your blog does not mean he does not care!

corine said...

Mine always wants me to feel how wet his t-shirt is after we works out. Yes, indeed, they are different :-))

I think you post as fast as you think. Thinking ink indeed.