Sunday, 9 November 2008

Elegantly Scant

Soft and curvy. Silky and pretty. Lovely and Beautiful. Elegant and Scant. Fall in love with movie star glamour, curves and bows, sass and cheek and the magic of old fashioned ribbon. Remember a time when lingerie was sewn with love and care and embellished with handmade lace. Elegantly Scant is about exquisitely crafted lingerie; it is about undergarments so breathtakingly beautiful they make you smile. Based in Sydney, Australia, this exclusive label crafts its own distinct handwriting and personality into every piece. From the simplest bow and tiniest frill to the sweet sway of satin, ultimately it's the little finishes that set Elegantly Scant apart. It's the unusual combination of silks, cottons and lace, vintage and new that elevate their collections to a state beyond the rest. Each design is lovingly crafted to support a woman's shape and flatter her strengths. With magic in the detail, and in their smart cuts and clever design, women feel not only elegant, sexy and fresh in Elegantly Scant but happy in the knowledge that they are safe, secure and completely comfortable. Designed and produced entirely in Australia, Elegantly Scant is proud to support the local industry. Now found in the best stores in Tokyo, London, Singapore and Dubai, as well as exclusive boutiques throughout the UK and Australia, Elegantly Scant is for those who like their lingerie sumptuously beautiful and more than a little different. If you live in Sydney or are passing through, don't miss their gorgeous boutique at 6 William Street, Paddington, a road famed for its exclusive, eclectic and picturesque specialty stores.

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