Saturday, 27 September 2008

Lust, Respect and Determination

This is how Paul Newman described his marriage. What a class act. We will miss you.

Newman's Own has grown into a powerful and lasting expression of Paul Newman's generosity. The Company has generated over $250 million in proceeds that have been donated by Paul Newman and the Newman's Own Foundation to thousands of charities worldwide. Particularly close to his heart were the Hole in the Wall Camps, now the leading global family of camps for children with life-threatening illnesses, which Paul started over 20 years ago.

Photo via: Paris Apartment, the woman with exquisite taste.


corine said...

Once again, you found the best picture and the best quote. A beautiful homage.

Raina said...

Would it be disrespectful to say "hubba hubba"?

What a magnificent man.