Saturday, 27 September 2008

Katelyn Jane

Thank You for the kind words. You are too good to is Katelyn Jane's new blog! Kitty Bags (on Etsy) were a creation started on a whim. Katelyn saw them in a magazine and tried it out. Impressed with the first version and the compliments from friends, family and strangers, she continued to make more of them and eventually built up the courage to start selling on Etsy. Katelynjane hopes to expand and improve on her store as much as possible and is constantly promoting herself and her Etsy-Friends' stores. Her favorite part of Etsy is the Storque. It's helpful tips and constant updating keeps her on her toes and helps her improve her creations and store. She's an avid blogger and loves updating her blog with new pictures, links to great Etsy shops and general creative chatter. See her Etsy shop now. Scoot!

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Wow! Thanks so much for this great post! You're awesome!