Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Sunset Drive By Shooting

Last night JFK and I took a sunset drive. Here are the highlights and my thoughts:
1. How dare they put a 30 minute limit on my Diary Queen visit. The nerve.
2. Wasaga Beach must have a lot of litterbugs that visit; lonely garbage cans. (I think someone could at least give them a lick of fresh paint.)
3. I love to catch the silhouette of toddlers by the shore.
4. I love to catch lovers fighting by the shore.
5. Can't you just feel that sunset on this home's stucco?
6. I am mourning the loss of the lilacs. Why can't they live longer?
7. These didn't impress me, but boy oh boy I almost got whiplash when he pulled over to see them. (I do like the photo)
8. Water too cold?
9. What is he thinking about?
10. Don't ask me. Don't know. Interesting though.


corine said...

Dairy queen is encouraging eat and runs now?

Shelly said...

Would that last one be bouy anchors? Looking forward to the e-zine! Loved the drive-by, I really wanted to participate in The Inspired Rooms but it's a crazy busy week, bumma.