Thursday, 1 May 2008

Villa Anna

Is this not the nicest thing a blog friend could write: "Liberty Post already has an enormous fan base but I had to mention it because I feel it's one of the most interesting, fascinating and hilarious blogs out there. Miss Liberty Post Editor (I'm sorry I don't know your name lol) ALWAYS manages to crack me up with her witty sense of humour and her blog topics are vast and alluring. If you haven't read Liberty Post yet you're missing out :)" - Villa Anna

Dear Villa Anna, I am a no-good blog scoundrel. I didn't see this until right now. It was posted on March 25th. I feel awful. You know we love your blog, written all the way over down under in Australia - and we love your sense of style! You will be an amazing designer someday - I mean you are an incredible designer today! And you love globes too!

Photo Via: Villa Anna Vogue Living Australia.


Villa Anna said...

Liberty post you crazy kid don't be mental! lol ;)

We all lead very busy lives, I would never expect people to follow every single post or fuss over a mention. I truly enjoy your blog frequently even though I don't always comment.

Having said that, thanks for the mention lol

Anna :)

Villa Anna said...

p.s thank you for the kind words of encouragement towards my design studies *blush*

Anna :)