Thursday, 1 May 2008

I'm Sorry, This Bitch is Grumpy

I've noticed it too. I haven't been my true 'Liberty' self in a while. Let me be the first one to offer an apology, not excuses for being short or non-existent with my usual comments (which are normally uplifting I think) on your blogs. I have so much to be grateful for (all of you my dear readers) and wonderful family around me. Thanks Mom. I know you are my biggest fan. You've read this post before it's even published. ha ha. I was going over some press I've received from very kind bloggers and the one thing they all wrote was that I was 'funny & witty' and I thought, oh my, I'm such a bitch lately. The tone of my blog is getting downright depressing. When you stop and think about it, blogs are utterly revealing. A blog will eventually peal away all the layers of your developed image and rip off your mask. (the masks we all wear to look perfect) So, I will get my shit together this week. Promise. It's a thyroid thing. Oh yeah, I promised not to dish out excuses. I adore all of you for stopping by every day and putting up with a grumpy editor. Liberty xo

Photo: Liberty's Daughter and Granddaughter with stolen glasses. Mine.


corine said...

Be yourself at all time and they will come!

Bhavna said...

Awww...such a cute photo!