Saturday, 10 May 2008

See Saw (Thornbury, Ontario) Photo Tour

I want you to see what we saw this afternoon in a quaint village in The Blue Mountains. We, being my Sister-in-Law and myself, escaped sans children for a sunny, yet breezy afternoon of sipping good coffee, tasting gooey cinnamon knots, shopping, talking, laughing and solving world miseries. This short trip to Thornbury was a 'gift' to ourselves for Mother's Day. Here is how they describe their lovely (rich-laden-expensive-celebrity-driven-mercedes) town: "There is a place where time is measured by the arrival of cinnamon buns in a bake shop window. Where bicycles and snowshoes are the chosen SUV. And where strangers say the strangest things - like 'Hello'. Come and get a taste of the good life, all year round, here on Georgian Bay." Doesn't that make you want to board the next private jet to Toronto, hop into a limo and make the 2 hour easy drive up the highway to visit me? I had a terrific time today, but I am mad at her now. (My Sister-in-Law) I spotted a divine costume diamond ring for just $10 and she said (in that assertive yet loving Spanish accent..."Noh...jew doh't neeth annie mooore stuuff....we doh't neeth annie mooore stuuff.) I'm trying to wrap my head around this because while she was lecturing me about my spending habits, she invested $5 in a half dozen sticky buns. I could have had a sparkly-love-it piece of jewelry for $5 dollars more. Alas, I listened to her, but now I'm kicking myself. I'll sneak back next week. Don't worry, I'll take a photo and you can be the one to tell me if I needed the ring or not. This is the see saw of women. To buy or not to buy. That is the question.
P.S. Click on the photo directly under the dog to see a really cool eco-coffee table. What do you think?


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

oooh, that black furniture with that green lamp shade.......and those adirondack chairs all lined up.....with those paint cans with tissue inside. Brillant!

Gillian said...

All the photos, brilliant.
I adore Georgian Bay. I must hit the road and come see it again soon.
Glad you had a great day! No, you don't need more stuff ;D

Classics and Country said...

Thanks for taking us on such a lovely field trip! Great snapshots you took.