Sunday, 11 May 2008

I Love You Mom

And not just because you are my biggest blog fan either....I love you for many reasons. Thank you for your 'big' heart, your apple brown betty, your knitting, your organizational skills (I'm still hoping some will eventually rub off), your attention to detail - I adore how you still have a curious spirit, always searching the internet daily for new and exciting learnings. I am so proud that you care about our world, those who suffer; giving your talents to make a difference. You continually surprise me. Like the fact that you're into the 'environment' thing; recycling long before it was cool to do so. And you believe in clotheslines. That's very hip. You make all of us laugh. I am so thankful you are such an incredible, fun Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. And one last thing....I love it when you say 'fresh fish'. (sorry that's an inside joke) Have a happy day! Eat tons of sugar. I'll be over for a Gin & Tonic. Love Me xo

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