Thursday, 22 May 2008

David Cook, The 2-Hour Ford Commercial

For any of you who are wanting/yearning to break into television listen up. TV Exec's don't really care about the program as long as it has good ratings - really good ratings. The whole purpose of broadcasting is to sell ads. It is a bottom-line driven business. Good shows = more advertising dollars = more profits. With 95+million votes I suppose the Fox Network is pretty psyched about it's ad revenue this week. The American Idol finale was just a big long - 2 hour long Ford Commercial. (and Coke and AT&T) So for all you closet script writers, future show creators and producers (oh yeah, remember, it's the Producers in TV who are the kings, not the directors), just come up with some quirky, unique, never before seen fresh idea and you're in.
Photo credit: Fox

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