Friday, 4 April 2008

Vanity Vanity

How often do you really use your fine crystal pieces (if you own any)? What purpose does heirloom crystal serve if it sits alone in the back of a shelf, waiting for a special occasion? Reach back there girlfriends, fill your kitchen sink with warm, sudsy water and give that precious glass some glistening charm and a new job description. Vanity tool holders: Makeup Brushes, cotton balls or pads, q-tips, lip/brow/eye pencils....toothbrush perhaps. Soapdish (crystal candy dishes). Mouthwash (crystal decanters with lids). Enjoy them now. There is nothing wrong with a 'vanity vanity.' If you don't own any, scout some out in second hand shops or at tag sales. Shine & Sparkle your way to prettiness.

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