Friday, 4 April 2008

Madonna Hard Candy

Waiting until April 29th is the 'hardest' part. O.K., so I can admit when I am wrong. I don't like to but I will just this once because I was 'so darn close' - Remember I predicted her new album would be called 'Licorice'? - Well, 'Hard Candy' is pretty close right?, I mean, it's in the same food group for goodness sake. The video to Madonna's '4 Minutes' featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland premieres on iTunes today! Filmed in London in February and directed by French wunderkinds, Jonas and Francois (Justice and Kanye West), '4 Minutes' will be available for sale exclusively on iTunes for 48 hours beginning April 3rd. Suck on that one, but don't run or skip with it in your mouth. You might choke. And don't bite it. You might chip a tooth. And don't miss the new look on her website. You might have a heart attack.

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Kitty said...

hahaha! i love that you love madonna! me, too!