Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday Sermon: ProBlogger, Dooce, Federated Media and You.

Welcome My Friends,
The goal is to spend my Sundays on my shiny new bicycle, blond hair blowing in the wind and all because of this and this and this. She was an inspiration too. I read somewhere this past week that she makes over $40,000 per month from her blog. (Go ahead slap my wrist. I can't source that for you, but it's true. I did read it.) Watch for the piece on her that will run on Nightline and Good Morning America next week. (click on the top photo to enlarge) What's your blog goal? What's your dream? What's the 'end state' for you? (By the way, there will be no passing of damn plates or baskets to collect money for this service.) Come on. Be gutsy. Let the world know where you really want to go. Turn now to the people sitting around you. Introduce yourself and share your inner-most blogging desires with them. By the way. If you are a 'blog skeptic' and you don't think blogging has any future, I need you to do something immediately. I need you to come stand by my blackboard and write (neatly) 1000 times. "I will not make fun of bloggers." I can't wait for my local media to start recognizing my superb blogging talent and exceptional original content. After that, I'll harass the regional news and of course I'll bug the national newsrooms. Magazines and Radio stations. You are not exempt from my ambitions either. No way. Nothing. And I repeat. Nothing in the blogging business is more important than traffic, unless you are on your shiny new bicycle and want the road all to yourself. I hope you have enjoyed today's theme.
Hand up in the back pew.
Member of the Flock: 'But Liberty. You don't have ads on your blog. How are you going to make money?'
Liberty: 'That's a very good question. I'm waiting for Federated Media to call me. They don't know what they are missing. And please keep this just between us folks. I'm really trying to get their attention, so if any of you can put in the good word for me, I'd be eternally grateful.'
Have a wonderful week. Please try to bring friends and neighbours with you next Sunday. Yours Truly, Liberty The Blog Preacher.


corine said...

Well, i made $46.51 via google ad since February. Eat your heart out, Heather.

love.boxes said...

I think Corine is doing really well! This news item kind of shocked me. I had no idea blogging could be the fast track to millions. My goals may be way to small.. just to get a little attention for my artwork.

As far as making fun of bloggers and blogging.. I only wish that the terms were a little more elegant and didn't sound as if a person had peanut butter in their throat.