Saturday, 26 April 2008

East Side Mario's

Except for the flat tonic water, it was delightful. Perfect, I'll admit. We enjoyed a meal at East Side Mario's in Collingwood last night. Mambo Italiano! And guess what the bar was called? Oh yeah. That's right baby. Lady Liberty herself! We relished in unlimited garlic loaves, grilled bruschetta flatbread, angel hair pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, Calamari Fritti Al Diavolo (Lightly seasoned floured calamari tossed with garlic, onions, red, green and hot peppers, and served sizzling in a herbed tomato broth with lemon), crisp garden salads with fresh cheese and chocolate truffle cake. Good food. Great prices. Excellent, friendly service. Family fun. You will feel as though you've stepped into Little Italy in NYC. It occurred to me (Once again because the smiling restaurant manager approached me....and I was ready I might add. That's right folks. I now have Liberty Post business cards) that Canadians are the only people I know who a) get very curious about people taking photographs and b) ask you to not take pictures or c) kick you out if you continue to take pictures. It's true. I don't ever experience this anywhere else. Is it a Canadian 'politeness' issue? - a privacy issue? - a corporate espionage issue? (You didn't know I was a Secret Agent did you?) I've even been escorted out of a Value Village (large thrift shop) for taking photos of second hand blouses. Well, if any of you know why let me know.
Photo at top: Circa 1900

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Listen, I practically got thrown out of Zara today for taking a picture of a poster. It was absurd. I whipped my My Marrakesh business card out, too, but since I was dealing with the security, I didn't get too far.

PS I *love* that beautiful photo of boxing bags. Really nice.