Friday, 14 March 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre & Lucky No. 9

It seems that this pretty woman (Kristen) now has a very lucky number. Would be a great title for an album. You can buy her song for .34 cents here. '9' in that price. I suggest she up it to .69 cents. I doubt very much Eliot will be moving into a house with that number in the address any time soon - or - does he have 9 lives. I feel crappy for Silda, but this is the stuff life is made of I suppose..and...Once again, I am right. This is the ultimate proof that my 'Liberty Theory of Success' works. Another example is here. I'm feeling very snarky for a Friday. It's been a long week and a hard day's night. Perhaps my new book will calm me down. Isn't the illustration adorable? Meow.


Jennifer Ramos said...

TO FUNNY. there are so many people on myspace capitalizing on her name..placing their business websites under the same name - its insane...but they got the hits.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Shelly said...

.69 cents...oh one funny lady.

Good-Grace said...

btw, did you see the Domino magazine article (I think the March issue) that was about Silda and how she was trying to make the Governor's Mansion eco-friendly? I had to go back and check my issue - as the picture in the magazine is really good -- she looks much younger in the mag than in the TV clips. (And I don't mean just the recent clips - anyone might look like hell after being put through something like this... I'm talking about the clips showing them together at dinner parties, etc... before all of this broke. I was wondering if she was a 2nd wife or something. NOW who's the one sounding snarky...) ;-)

Joy said...

Too funny!