Friday, 22 February 2008

Getting Ready For Oscar

No silly. I'm not in L.A.. I'm still hold up (is this the correct spelling of that?...Writer's Strike Syndrome) in snow-white Canada, but I'm getting ready for the big night. I am a sucker for these awards. In the whole scheme of things; the world as it is, yes, it's damn important to me. I can escape all the nonsense and seriousness of everyday CNN life. Speaking of awards, I am blushing now because I received another 2 'You Make My Day Awards' from Hidden in France and Made By Girl. Thank You so much. I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad, the crew, JFK, my kids, my dog, my laptop. (music starts playing - they're cutting me off) All kidding aside, I am so touched and honoured to be recognized by such stellar bloggers. I'm gushing. Oh look! It's Ellen Page. Juno star nominated for Best Actress. She's a little doll. What the heck are they putting in the drinking water in Nova Scotia? (Restyled Home, can you text me on this...) Oops, this is a live show. Back to the post: I love watching the red carpet interviews and seeing all the expressions of winners and losers. (they're not really losers, how cruel of me.) Anyway, a few years ago me and some crazy girlfriends decided we'd have an Oscar night. We all got dressed up in gowns, sipped champagne, lounged beside skirted tables and did photo shoots. I think we might even have swung on some chandeliers. Perhaps. We also enlarged faces of all the nominees and glued them onto Popsicle sticks and pinned them to the backs of chairs. We were 'really' sitting with the Hollywood 'in' crowd that night. It was the best Academy Awards night of my life. Someday, I will be there. Don't know why yet, but I've got a storyboard started. I will have my people call your people to find out what you do. And please do not give out my cell phone number. That's what my publicist is for.

Photograph: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images


Antique Paperie said...

What a Fun Post - My Sentiments exactly! Oscar night is BIG - It's HUGE - It's a never-miss-3 hours each year for me. I make sure the kids are in another room and use my DVR just in case someone utters a peep and I didn't hear someone's "Oh my, well I'd like to thank God, my Mom, Dad, Academy..." I just rewind it and have my fix. Swinging on Chandeliers? - TOO FUNNY!!
I really enjoyed this post - you are a very witty writer - my kinda gal! xoxo Sher

Patricia Gray said...

You really are too funny. A big congratulations on your two awards!! And thanks for the kind words you left on my Blog Comments.