Sunday, 3 February 2008

Getting Personal

It's so damn hard for me to 'get' personal on this blog. This is my Granddaugther. Doesn't she look sweet? Actually she has a bit of me in her. This photo was taken right after she smacked the cat in the face. A real candid shot. So innocent looking, tiny smirk - stains and all on her t-shirt. I love this photo. One of my fav's of her. After reading Joni's belief (that I saw on Carolina Eclectic ) about the necessity of 'getting personal' to really be a great blogger, I sighed. It's hard for me because I have a contract that says in part: 'You will dedicate all of your time and energy...' blah blah blah...and so, my bestest blogging friends, I can't. Some day I will, but for now you will just have to bear with me while I send out little snippets of my world. I'm in hiding afterall.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

You are a grandma? Wow, surprising! But she is adorable! What a sweetie girl (except for the smacking the cat episode...but maybe the cat asked for it! LOL).

I didn't know Joni said it was important to get real on the blogs, but I think she is right!

Good job on trying some get real posts!


Alkemie said...

Your granddaughter looks so cute! What a wonderful photo. I agree that it's so hard not to get personal on blogs. Why not indeed, if it moves you, post away :)