Sunday, 3 February 2008

Do Something New Every Day (and the best website intro in a while)

"This is a public company and a company that has to perform, so we sharpen up. We try and look at the future and see what we haven't done, what no one else has done and where we can be original. That's the premise." - Ralph Lauren

I love this quote which I read via In(side) the Loop regarding a new lifestyle brand that Mr. Lauren (poor Ralph no money) via Cote de Texas - has developed.

Now if we think in terms of blogs. We do this every day. We change things up, offer new ideas, fresh perspectives, sparkly headers, inviting prose, juicy comments and busting-up creativity. I bet he scans the blogs for ideas. Let's send him a bill.

I'm going to start a new lifestyle brand called 'Blog Living'. (Check out the fantastic intro) -Sexy graphic bloggie tee's, well-fitting-comfy blue jeans, soft flannel pj's, scrunchy socks, flowing scarves to tie our hair up in a knot away from the keyboard, coffee mug cozies.....What do you think?

Photo: vintage collection


Cote de Texas said...

ok, great idea, but what do I have to do with ralph? refresh my memory!!! I'm an idiot I guess.


Nothing silly...I just found out about this new brand via your blog, then linked to CE to discover it. It all started at your blog.