Sunday, 27 January 2008


Here's a detail of my desk. A rhinestone mini-frame sitting on a kitschy Barbados souvenir serving tray; both cuddled next to my trusty Collins Dictionary and my beloved Pocket Thesaurus. I love this tiny photo frame. I bought it and the tray at the Goodwill for pennies about four months ago. The tray has a raised lip so this gives me great confidence when I'm sipping my morning coffee and I'm still half asleep. A coffee spill on the laptop would be devastating so the tray is my life jacket for such accidents. My dictionary is well-worn. This photo is very deceiving because I use a Thesaurus a lot more. (This is my 10th or so new one) Not because I'm lacking writing skills, but because I get off reading it. Yes. It excites me. I'm known to grab it and randomly call out synonyms. I call it 'To Saurus'. I believe everyone should have one in their purse. You never know when you need a new word. Ever had one of those moments when you walk away from a conversation and you say to yourself 'Damn. I should have said that when she said this'? See what I mean. If you had of had one in your handbag, these moments of regret would never occur. I adore the Collins Thesaurus tagline: "Essential Wordfinders for Every Occasion". Isn't that lovely? I also know that there are many different views about using a Thesaurus. How sad that millions of wordsmith's must hide their well-used book for fear they get caught. Hide no more! (cache, conceal, take cover, bury, cloak, camouflage)
The friendly face in the frame. I have no idea who that is, but I'm not changing it. Everyone keeps asking me. 'Who is that?' And I say 'Dunno'. I've given her a name though. She's my muse. She keeps me company. Don't you think it looks like she is saying 'What the hell are you posting now? Why that photo? Why that topic? Will they get it? Do they know you're jesting? You're killin' me, but I love you anyway...carry on.' Her name is 'Libby'. Short for Liberal. Also means: humanistic, indulgent, open-minded, lavish, bountiful, broad-minded etc. etc.. So that's a little corner of my workplace in a big, big internet world. Now back to my wordplay. (A favorite thing to do in pyjamas on a lazy Sunday morning). Wordplay: punning, puns, repartee, wit, witticisms.

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