Saturday, 26 January 2008

The Bucket List

"The Bucket List" tells the funny, sad and heartfelt sentimental story of two late-middle-age men who meet as patients in a cancer ward and decide to draw up a list of things they'd like to do before they die, then set out to do them. Their trip is possible through the wealth that one of the friend's has earned in his lifetime. I saw it last night. It made a profound impact on me. Go see this movie. (Take Kleenex) Take your best friends and loved ones with you. After the movie, go for coffee and write up your own 'bucket list'. Share your list. Decide how much this list will cost and then set out to earn that money.

The one thing that cranks me up about this post is the fact that I am referring you to go see this Warner Bros. film and Warner Bros. WILL NOT be sending me any money for doing it.

Every 'Bucket List' written should also include: Know My Worth. We are all worthy of credit where credit is due. Giving is one thing. Sharing is another. Promoting each other is another. But, getting compensated for all of our talents is something all together different. As bloggers we give freely. Perhaps some of the companies we promote should begin to pay us all for it. No one gets a free ride. Case in point. I gave a mention to 'Kleenex' in this post. Do you think they will send me a cheque? Or place an ad in my sidebar? Think about how much corporations pay out for product placement!

Am I stirring the blog pot? Are bloggers being raped? (This is a new frontier after all)What do you think?

"We could do this. We should do this." - The Bucket List


corine @ Hidden In France said...

AhA. Thought provoking. I had no intention of seeing the movie, but reading this I am changing my mind, so yes, you just sold a couple more tickets.

For small blogs like mine, my opinion is equivalent to word of mouth, like the recommendation of a friend with a huge social circle. I totally trust blogs without advertisement, those where money has not corrupted the process.

On the other hand, with the hours I put in, it would be nice being compensated. I'm curious how advertising on my blog would or wouldn't change what I post about.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Our little blog worlds are now suddenly quite powerful aren't they?
It works both ways.
You could have easily told us the movie was terrible.

Cheryl said...

You realize, of course, that Kleenex pays someone exclusively to search the web for all references to their brand name. And this individual (residing in their legal department) is going to be contacting you to ensure that you were referring to the actual Kleenex BRAND tissue and that they will ask you to place a TM beside there name or to cease and desist using it. Ha!

But wait, you live in Canada, so perhaps that protects you from some of the American legal crazies.

Regardless, thanks for the movie recommendation. Sounds like something I will add to my bucket list.



I really enjoy hearing everyone's point of view. Yes, blogging is a double-edged sword. We could wipe out a product in an hour and yes we need to be careful about TM. Cool points!