Saturday, 12 January 2008


White flashes blurred across the pavement. Wet reflections of the icy drops splash about their feet as they hurry home for the warm feast that surely is waiting for them.
She thought it was appropriate to wear her spring candy-striped cotton skirt today. There are signs of the earth warming on this January day. Her majestic purple leggings protect her bones from the chill of the rain.
He darts across the cracks in the cement wanting not to break his mother's back and thinking of the gift he has bought her. Hoping it won't be soaked before he carefully wraps it back at his loft.
And then the last Rainwalker passes by me and his eyes swift to his indigo denim pants, soggy with anticipation. Will they be difficult to pull off quickly? He's hopes not.

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The Paris Apartment said...

Great action shots and snapshots of the inner workings of the city mind! You've been helping me get in my groove lately so thank you!