Saturday, 12 January 2008

David Letterman Visits Nova Scotia

If David Letterman is good enough for Hillary, then my goodness, he's good enough for Nova Scotia. Our hip blog friend RinkleBook will show you why. Hilarious! (Hey, Restyled're in that province...what do you think?) By the way, I do agree that Hillary is 30% funny, maybe more. You have to like a candidate who loves a good laugh from time to time. Be sure to read her Top 10. Boy, she surprises me! She is a Scorpio afterall and that's the sun sign you'd want as your leader, even though they can be bossy at times. But passionate, yikes!

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restyled home said...

So THAT"S what our premier is doing when he's supposed to be running the province...What a hoot!
Who knew he had such a sense of humour?

As for Hilary, yeah, she has a dry wit to her...and a Scorpio? I think I really like her...I'm a Scorpio, too...and passionate and (sometimes) bossy describe me to a T!!