Friday, 14 December 2007

Why Blogging Is Like a Charm Bracelet

Because although we all have a different look. Like a poodle. Not everyone has their hair coiffed like this, but we see beauty and uniqueness in it anyway.
Because we all started blogging as a tiny grain of sand that finds it's way into a shell to evolve into a lovely pearl. A white, perfect miracle that is of value. Our voice, our audience...takes time.
Because we celebrate together and applaude one another for excellent creativity, ideas and sharing. We dance for eachother.
Because we have eachother's back. We speak no evil. Hear no evil or see no evil.
Because we stand together to lend a hand up. We sparkle together.
Because we wrap eachother in encouragement and cozyness. We send big hugs across the world. Busy bees in life with no one bee expecting to be the Queen. We are all equal. Wonderful.
We fan the flames of hurt, anger and confusion. We help eachother through good times and bad. We support one another.
We reflect off one another and create new collaborative ideas as a group.
Bloggers stand strong in praise and recognition of others.
Blogging is like a charm bracelet. We only wish good luck to others. An ever changing, ever growing group of like-minded go-getters who are linked by the internet, but who are becoming a global village of priceless porportions. I am charmed by each of you. I thank you.


Bronwyn said...

Wow, this is truly one of the most powerful posts about blogging I've ever seen and I mean it from my heart. So true! It's amazing how blogging can change your world. I love what you said about a grain of sand turning into a shell.

Southern Ange said...

Loved this post! Thanks.