Thursday, 13 December 2007

Antique Pocket Watch

Time. Period. age, allotment, bit, bout, chronology, clock, continuance, date, day, duration, epoch, era, eternity, extent, future, generation, go, hour, infinity, instance, instant, interval, juncture, lastingness, life, life span, lifetime, moment, month, occasion, pace, past, point, present, season, second, shift, space, span, spell, stage, stint, stretch, tempo, term, ticks, tide, tour, trick, turn, week, while, year....

Whether we are pressed for it or checking it or borrowing it or trying to beat it, time ticks on until we have those wonderful lazy afternoons with nothing to do but lounge around; perhaps alone or snuggled in - soon the holidays will arrive and hopefully for a moment or two, time will stand still as we cherish one another.


Bronwyn said...

It's funny - I was actually thinking about time last night - about how time appears to be much faster and speeded up in these hectic times despite all the modern communication methods and modern conveniences that are supposed to save time. And what is time anyway - there are all these scientific theories which are way above my head, but is time not just a man made concept in some way? I guess for me the only real indication of time is people aging, plants I'm thinking too hard :) Thanks for a thought provoking post!

colorexpert said...

How many times do you glance at the clock on your computer or cell phone? Not nearly as thoughtful an activity as pulling out a beautiful pocket watch, feeling the treasured object in your hand and pausing to check the time.

When I look at my antique pocket watches resting on my shelf after having stopped at precisely one precious moment in time it reminds me to live in the present and stop rushing into the future.

Anonymous said...

Onward, perpetually moving,
These faithful hands are ever proving
How quick the hours steal by:
This momentary pulse-like beating,
Is consistantly methinks repeating,
"Swift swift the moments fly."
Reader be ready, or perchance before
These hands have made one revolution
Life's spring is snapped -You die
(Cheers from Australia; from a cutout inside my GGGF's fobwatch)

Pocket watches said...

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