Friday, 23 November 2007

Fill My Bucket

Now I know why my creative juices aren't as fine tuned as they should be. I haven't painted since June! A couple of hours listening to Canadian acoustic/latin/jazz sensation Jesse Cook (he actually lives in the hills just south of the beach) a good ol' thriller on the screen and my gouache paints will cure everything. Every studio, no matter what you create, needs to have the Nomad CD. You really do. Jesse weaves pure magic with a sampling of the Middle East, Spain, Africa, Egypt and Brazil. This Juno-winning guitarist will cast a gyspy spell on you while you work with his intoxicating blend of Nuevo Flamenco stylings, world music textures and subtle jazz touches. If you want a sweet taste of Jesse listen to this. Let it play through and lose yourself in the music. This could be a soundtrack. It reminds me of this blog. Come Monday morning I'll have some work to share with you and my bucket will be full again.

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Cote de Texas said...

Hi - sharon Stone was my first cousin for a while around 20 years ago. hahaha