Thursday, 15 November 2007

Are you blogging....again? (Yes, for 1 Billion Dollars)

Just one more minute. I promise. I'll only be a second. I just have to load a photo. I just want to check out this blog and visit this one and make a comment over here and here and here and ahhh, and all those blogs listed down the right hand side of my blog....that's my 'Blog Tour'....

You visit all those blogs every day? (She licks) Well....yes, everyday...and more of them too. I visit them and then I visit their favorites too.....

Really, I'm almost done.....fingers crossed behind my back. Poor thing. She really is supportive.

Why do you blog she asks me? (with a sigh as she nestles into 'her' chair)

Well, for many reasons. It certainly isn't because of this. I blog because I truly love to and visiting my friends makes me so happy. And because I am meeting new people all around the globe, learning new things about myself and others; their ideas, their worlds, their lives. I'm almost done. Promise. Really.

But heck,(I pause and think to myself)...why shouldn't 'I' be earning this? OMG.

Is this considered an addiction? (she yawns)
Do you want to go outside now? (I suggest)


Brilliant Asylum said...

I can stop anytime I want. Really.

Sabrina said...

Really, I'm strong...glad to see I'm not alone, I feel the same way you do.

Bhavna said...

:-) how you write and what you write! And adore this pic too!