Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Knock Knock

Who's there? Pigeon. Pigeon Who? Pigeon ewwwww. Yuck. That's who lives there. Thousands, per chance hundreds of thousands of pigeons. Puffy ones, scraggly ones, pecking-fluttering ones. All crammed together in weathered wood huts built as big as mid-size mansions. Who does this sort of thing I ask??? I don't even know if I want to go there. An old man. A really old man. So in love with his apparent champion creatures. So pleased that I took an interest. So proud that he gave me a tour as though we were walking through the White House. I am officially creeped right out. Any budding Alfred Hitchcocks or Stephen Kings out there? If you need a location for a horror movie, this is the place. Please don't make me go back there. Let the Halloween games begin. Poor Naomi.


Felicia said...

Definitely creepy! I admire your bravery :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Seriously. I can think of a few other ways this story could have ended. Glad you came out alive (and with photos).

Mélanie said...

I can not believe it ..Is is scarry