Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Full Ahead

Thank you. Thank you. For all your support and suggestions. It means so much to me. So, as you can tell, I'm in the slow position this week, but!, I've got lots of creative juices flowing! I have started to put together an idea which I believe will be super duper exciting. It's in the planning stages so I'll be sure to share once I get some concrete things put together. Soon I'll be 'full ahead'.

It is Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada - a time to give thanks and show gratitude. You all mean so much to me! So again, thank you.

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melissa @ the inspired room said...

Good for you on moving forward, can't wait to hear your super duper exciting idea!

Thanks for coming by my blog -- it reminded me to come check in with you! I try to make all the rounds but sometimes I start missing folks...

Happy Thanksgiving!