Sunday, 23 September 2007

Tent Party

How sweet. How can you resist these little faces? I just tucked my camera inside the cages to get a picture and it occurred to me that perhaps these cuties aren't so enthused about being trapped and poked. No, they are dreaming of that big white tent, planning their escape and hoping to party the night away - free - and amongst us. Poor things. Is it just me or do you see sadness in their eyes as well?

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kimsherrod said...

I love your blog. Where else can I go from bunnies, chicks, mysterious oriental babes on buildings to PIE!!! and share your hopes, dreams, laughter and Mom found out about my Blog when one of her friends called her and read things out of context with her own italics and insinuations and I almost had a nervous break-down trying to cope with getting my 80 year old Mother to understand my blog and why write it...send your book to a publisher. Live your dream. you only have one life. Live it and stop censoring yourself and your goals. why can't you do it all? and hide that damn vagina book, for heavens sake- you trying to gross them out forever? hahaha- just kidding- I gave my son a book about sex and everything he should know, then showed him how to put a condom on a banana - he was 14, he didn't forgive me or thank me until he was about 22...they need to know and its good to teach them young! even if its gross and embarrassing. but you know that. chin up, look to the stars. we, here in Blogland, we got yer back! Sally Forth and Tally Ho!!