Saturday, 15 September 2007

Rolls & Beats

It is a very windy and cold to the bone day in Georgian Bay today. We started on a new adventure this morning to take my 12 year old son to his very first drum lesson. This is something he has wanted to do for a few years and after teaching himself to play and after being chosen for a local rock band (that also has adults in it!), I decided it was time. Time for him to spread his wings beyond the basement to discover his talent. I was hoping this would be something he would fall in love with.

Well, I had an hour to burn, so of course I took out my trusty silver and headed to the lake. I knew there would be some spectacular breakers, but what I came upon gave me shivers...literally. My immediate thought was to post a photo about wind and the failing sunflowers were leaning and bouncing magnificently. I focused in on the bobbing blooms and took the shot. A few more. (You can click on my pics to enlarge them) To my delight in the distance stood a majestic Inukshuk. Inukshuk is a beacon. For travellers in Canada's North, an Inukshuk is a welcome sight. It says, 'I've been here before; you're on the right path'.

O.K., that's the first sign. He was meant to take these lessons.

Second sign:
One of our favorite bands is Rush.
One of our favorite Rush albums, 'Test for Echo', has an Inukshuk on the front cover.
One of our favorite band members is Neil Peart; a drummer who started lessons at age 13.

With rolls & beats of my heart, my son will play and he will learn to play well.


patricia gray said...

Your pictures are amazing. I love the Inukshuk and the way you saw it as an auspcious sign for your son's career as a drummer.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Wow, so beautiful!

We own a drum set but we haven't yet introduced it to our 7 year old. We'd have to break out the earplugs for sure!



I wish I had of started my son at the age of 7 - he would be really banging away today! Buy some earplugs and go for it.