Saturday, 15 September 2007


If you are looking for all things 'FASHION' and the most interesting and thought-provoking advice in blogland, then look no further than iCiNG. This bright and cupcake-coloured blog is the brainchild of Australian, Gala Darling who writes a monthly column for Cosmopolitan and has been called 'A tattooed Miss Manners with pink hair' by The Bargain Queen. You never know what Gala will discuss, so I make it my morning ritual to read her post. I mean, who signs off with 'Superlove & Cupcakes' ? You know you are going to have fun visiting her. You will find things like: Fashion Help for recovering goths, Marie Antoinette Style, How to wear a scarf, Wardrobe Taming and much, much more. Her archives are amazing! I predict that Gala is going to me a mega fashion icon! I saw this SEGMENT on Fashion Television and it reminded me of how brave Gala is with her daily outfits. She is fearless! She's the icing on the cupcake! Visit her soon!


Gala said...

Thank you so much, darling! I am flattered beyond belief & I LOVE that video -- I am going to post it later this week (with credit to you, of course)!


You are most welcome!