Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Indian Giver

What I meant to say was 'Indian Summer' but the other one just slipped out of my mouth 'cause I know this toasty weather will be taken away. Ah schucks. Oh well, you'll have to forgive me because I live up here. Did you know that 'we' are notorious for having daily, lengthy, whiny, blah blah blah discussions about weather? Sadly, it's true. After Summer comes Fall and then after Fall comes Winter and then after Winter comes Spring. Lucky girl to be on the other side of the world right now. Do you think 'we' would be allowed to go live there during the dreary months? I vote for Spring, Summer and then Fall. No winter. I guess I can make things right once I own my own planet.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Summer in Atlanta was so dreadfully hot that I am looking forward to a cold winter. But, I am sure as soon as the temp drops another 30 degrees I will be singing a different tune.

P.S. I loved your post about Anne Murray! I never really thought about the meaning of that song "Snowbird" before.


I learn something new every day while writing my posts. It has been so enjoyable! Hope it cools down a bit for you!