Sunday, 5 August 2007

"The Pink of Perfection" for Sunday

"The Pink of Perfection is a video blog about living thrifty la dolce vita. "Thrifty," isn't necessarily about doing things the cheapest way possible, but rather knowing when to splurge, when to pinch, and always being happy with the charming imperfections of doing things yourself. Episodes focus on crafts, cooking, and lifestyle. The Pink of Perfection is produced, written, and hosted by Sarah McColl. Her fiance, Sebastian Conley, designs, edits, and directs. They live together in their work-in-progress apartment in Brooklyn.
By day, Sarah produces video blogs for Conde Nast, for whom she also writes and serves as on-screen talent. By night she acts as a Martha Stewart figure for the digital generation. In May 2007, she was selected as one of Jane Magazine's 30 Under 30, which thrilled and flattered her to the very bone. One day she would like to write books and be the proud owner of an astounding collection of sundresses. Sarah is 25." - The Pink of Perfection. Now that is a sweet pink life!
"Pink is the navy blue of India." - Diana Vreeland
Thank you to Hula Seventy for presenting Colour Week. It's been a rainbow of fun!
Now I'm going to make a 180. How about Pickles? The average North American eats 99.5 pickles per year. I'd say there could be a feature story in this. I'll start producing it now.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh I'm loving your blog or should I say your magablog!!! Thank-you for visiting me via Patricia! Now I'm going to catch up on your previous posts...

PaintingEachDay said...

Well, Thank you so much for including a link to my pickle painting. I lOVE pickles and they're fun to paint. Great texture, wonderful greens.

Your blog is very colorful and so varied with great information!!

It's wonderfully cozy ...

Thanks again -