Sunday, 5 August 2007

Calamity Kim

'Where the fabric bolts and the glitter is spilled"

That's the tagline of fellow blogger Calamity Kim. Thank you for adding Liberty Post as a link. I am really 'cowgirlin' over that!
Calamity Kim's work is Whimsical, Primitive, Glittery & Grunged. She offers delightful handmade items that are designed and created with loving attention to detail and using only the finest quality materials. They may be one of a kind or as a limited series. Very interesting work.

She used to be a basket weaver with a specialty in free form sculptural pieces on driftwood.Then a teddy bear artist...learned paper-making, felting, book-binding, weaving, beading, embroidery and paper mache in her long journey down the Artistic Pathway. You can visit her creative Etsy shop here.
Speaking of cowgirls. Wherever there are cowgirls there must be some Indians. My Daughter sent this home from camp. (she is second from the left). Does it look like they are having fun or is it my imagination? What time of night was that?


kimberly sherrod said...

oh, thank you! What a lovely post! Two of my Great-Grand Mother's were Cherokee! Calamity comes from Deadwood and the legend that I am the clumsiest cowgirl east of the Mississippi!! I'm actually blind as a bat and when I wander around looking for my glasses they all laugh at me! I burn myself every time I get the glue gun or iron out!! Love those Indians! Absolute great head dresses! Thank you for posting about lil ol me! xxxooo calamity k


You are most welcome!