Saturday, 11 August 2007


I am looking so forward to seeing every one's posts on August 31st....our collective blog project, 'The People's Princess'. Write something, make something, post a photo, share a memory....whatever you would like. The TLC television network is showing a Diana movie on Sunday, August 12th 8/7c. It looks excellent. I hope to watch it. The hardest thing to see for me was the little white envelope on top of Diana's coffin that said 'Mummy'.


Cote de Texas said...

I always smile the way they write Mummy. like a real mummy. That was so sad! That note. I taped the funeral. Somewhere I have an old vhs tape with it. I wonder if you can buy a dvd of it? I still can't believe she died!!! such a waste.



I actually found a tattered old cardboard box last week with all the Diana VHS's in it. I watched the Diana film tonight on TLC. It was excellent.