Friday, 20 July 2007

Cote de Texas

Every post we each create leaves an imprint on our world. We are contributing to the creative success of each other. Every comment we leave for one another is a 'hand up' to more ideas - sharing - caring - confidence. We are unstoppable!

It has been so amazing to be in this community of supportive and uplifting bloggers. All the talent literally takes my breath away! Today I want to thank Cote de Texas for adding me as a link on her incredible blog. Visit her blog daily as she writes about living with French Design on the Texas Coast. Lovely, lovely site! Thank you so much!


Cote de Texas said...

Hi I just saw this when I was updating my Google feed, thanks!!!! That is so sweet. Anyway, I read about your daughter at camp. Mine is 16 and just had her 8th year at camp and first as a senior camper, soon to be counselor. They grow up so fast, it's not a cliche, it's true! All the best,
Joni said...

What a beautiful post...and I am also a regular reader of Cote de Texas. I love how you said it, it really is a supportive blogging community. May I quote you on my Blog?