Sunday, 24 June 2007

Drive-In Theatre

Remember those muggy summer nights when your Mom would give you an early bath and put your flannel jammies on you so you'd be cozy warm at the Drive-In after the sun went down? After my Dad picked the very best parking spot we would run to the swing set and giggle and laugh at my parents trying to connect and adjust the speakers to the car window. Is it my imagination or was Drive-In popcorn the best you've ever tasted? And how about those funny little commercials with dancing hot dogs and silly french fries. I know I always saw the first movie (barely) and then after that, I'd be sound asleep. You know, those are some of the best memories for many families. Going to the movies was an exciting and much anticipated event. This theatre still remains open in Elmvale, Ontario. I think I'll take my family there 'reel' soon.

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