Friday, 31 March 2017

The Long Long Spring Thaw

It is with great pride and excessive politeness that I ask you for forgiveness yet again for discussing the weather. I am Canadian after all.  We chat about this topic every 15 minutes every day of the week. The sulk continues all year.  Too humid. Too freezing. Too grey. Too windy. Too foggy. One could never state that Canada's weather is predictable and boring. Not like, say, the Middle East.

The citizens of this expansive, geographical wonder deserves an Olympic medal for remaining (generally) happy with all the temperatures and conditions that are literally thrown at us by Mother Nature.  Those skilled hockey teams and figure skaters have nothing on us!  We have mastered the ever changing forecast.

It is Spring. Apparently. I have made a promise. As long as it is not a white out blizzard then I am going to embrace what's happening outside wholeheartedly.  Openly. With gratitude. No complaining!

April. You aren't fooling us!  Dammit all though. Would you mind sending warm sunshine?

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