Saturday, 26 July 2014

Death of A Camera Part II Go Fund Me

I got my new camera!
Thank You!
Read all about it here.


The story goes like this and it's not a fish story, nor is it embellished as some may have you believe I tend to do with tang and giggles:

I killed a second camera.

Truth. I was scoping shot locations for an upcoming wedding. Juggling my big cam, baby pro cam and mobile cam. (I've been practicing this skill and actually, I'm pretty darn good.)

The grass was dewy, slightly overcast; the sun making all efforts to appear. Click. Click. Then I reached for my baby pro cam - my oxygen, my favorite child, my lover, my confidante - my anti-depressant - and could not find her.

Panic set in. Eyes quickly darting in the vicinity of green. Nothing.

Heart races. Chest tightens. Tears well up. Oh. My. God.

Foot Stomp.

Loud, very loud f-word.

The story continues:

I say (out loud)

"God. You don't want me to be a Photographer do you?"

"God! Twice!!!"

"God. Are you sending me a message?"

"God. My creative output is really, really flowing well lately. Come on!"

"God. I'm pretty pissed off at you lately. Middle East! Airplanes! Tornadoes!"

"God. Are you punishing me?"

"Dear God. Maybe if people really do love my work, they may chip in to help me get another one quickly."


Well, the camera landed in Walters Falls. Depression has set in.

Maybe you would like to help.

UPDATE:  You have funded 10% of my $600 goal in 1 day! Thank You So Much!
GOAL: $600 by August 18, 2014

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Merisi in Vienna said...

Oh dear, my sympathies, that's a bummer! I empathize with you, having dropped a $2000 lens while trying to shoot an Easter egg. It fell less than 2 feet, but it's gone nonetheless, forever.

The images above are gorgeous. I especially like the one with the tiny people on the bridge.

Dho said...

Beautiful shots! The G16 does provide an optical viewfinder. Optical viewfinders on Point and Shoot cameras are becoming a real rarity and the one on the G16 makes the reason for obliteration glaringly obvious. The real-image zooming unit that graces the G16 is small and rather dim, but it is available if needed and users may find it useful in bright outdoor lighting when the sun falls directly;on the LCD viewfinder and they don’t have an extra hand for shielding the screen. The viewfinder in the G16 is the same one that is found on the G15.