Friday, 21 March 2014

Aloette Cosmetics Ageless Science Special March 2014 Patti Friday Kennedy


This $250 products can be yours (see end)* This is your non-surgical alternative to cosmetic injections, like Restalyne™ and Juvederm™, Ageless Science uses proprietary technology—previously found only in high-end Japanese salons—to deliver intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid to the inner layers of the skin to quickly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In addition to targeting uneven skin texture, this unique rejuvenating system helps clarify dull, ashy and splotchy skin for a more uniform looking tone. See instant results and long-term improvements with Aloette’s Ageless Science System!

*3 Ways to Get $250 Ageless Science until March 31st 2014

1. Host an Aloette Show - get it for $10
2. Join Aloette - get it for FREE!
3. V.I.P. Spring Sale - get it for $89.95 (retail $250) SAVE!

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