Thursday, 4 March 2010

Happy Bookreading: FREE Shipping!!!

Until March 22nd!!!


This month, Blurb is providing a little incentive to help get my potential fans jazzed about my work – they are chipping in Free Ground/Economy shipping on all orders placed by March 22.
Babies is a juicy tale of friendship, forgiveness, choices and deals with some provocative and controversial themes. It just might be the book you need to read right now.
Now I have a great reason to start the buzz. (I love free shipping too!) Your 'Tweets', (ooh....that would be so kind of you...hugs), perhaps give me a shameless plug on your blog, tell your Facebook friends, or write it on a sticky note.
Just enter the promo code below at checkout and your book will be in your hands in about a week. Be sure to use the appropriate currency, based on your location.
USD $ promo code: WESHIP
GBP £ promo code: WESHIP2
EUR € promo code: WESHIP3
Happy Bookreading,

Love Liberty Post xo

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Karena said...

Your new book sounds just delightful!! Good work!

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