Friday, 26 March 2010

Cayenne Mashed With A Side of Rings

Part of an ongoing culinary art project dedicated to my friends, Artist, Sarah Ashley Longshore and Jewelry Designer, Amanda Jaron - to whom my wildest, food fantasies begin and end with my proud membership of 'The Big Gaudy Ring Hoarders Society' (TBGRHS).
Cayenne Mashed Recipe:
Fill a big pot with lots of cold, fresh water
Bring to boil
Fill till overflowing with peeled white potatoes
Boil until tender
Mash with hand-masher
Add plenty of salt and cracked black pepper
and gunk gunk gunk of milk
Heat skillet with more butter
Fry up the mashed potatoes with a generous amount of cayenne pepper.
Top with another pat of butter
(be sure to wear your 'big gaudy rings' while eating this....tastes better that way...and you'll look sterling too)
-Patti Friday


Laura in Paris said...

I love the little bow on one of the rings. Oh, Cayenne pepper ... too hot for me, I'll have the ring! said...

Thanks Laura!
Amanda Jaron