Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Your Morning of Contemplation

At the world's most beautiful plantations. Tea plantations. Here is the exercise this morning. Steep a cup of tea. Click here. Go full screen if you know how. Sip your tea. Lose yourself in peaceful contemplation. Plan your day. Plan your way. There is magic in the photographs; a secret power to de-stress and transform your mindset. Beautiful isn't a big enough word to describe these landscapes. What words would you use? Sippy. LPxo
****Here's another relaxing post by Honey Living****


sinnlighet said...

Your blog is just so special and cool! I love to visit The Liberty Post every day!!

Agneta, Sweden

Jan said...

I've been taken my cuppa for granted is what I would say.

honey living said...

i love the idea of using a little time in the morning all to yourself to let your mind wander and wind. i wrote a post last summer that i think you'd very much relate to. here is a link:

beachbungalow8 said...

ahh. undulating green goodness. beautiful. thank you, I needed this after a full day of work.