Wednesday, 10 February 2010

UNbelievable Manitoba: Skies That Perform

Known for: Open Skies, Northern Lights, Polar Bears
Nestled in the heart of the great Canadian landscape, Manitoba is an engaging place to visit - a province full of untouched wildlife, fresh air and vibrant communities waiting to be discovered. Visitors will find endless opportunities to enjoy themselves under our big, open skies.
UNforgettable Manitoba.
Whether travelers are looking for wide-open spaces, an arctic adventure, serene lake life or a night out in the city, Manitoba offers an unforgettable experience.
UNrivalled - Arts and culture are at the heart of Manitoba's diverse and creative communities. Manitoba's cultural wealth comes from the mix of people who call this province home.
UNreal - Hunting and fishing in Manitoba has to be tried to be believed. Nature has many treasures to offer, from an abundance of Master Angler fish to trophy buck.
UNleashed - Manitoba is the perfect place for families to let loose. There are countless family-friendly, fun-filled urban and rural adventures in every price range.
UNearthed - Manitoba's polar bears, beluga whales, northern lights, and diverse landscape are second to none. Hearts beat faster when polar bears and beluga whales are observed in their natural habitat.
UNplugged - Couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle and reconnect with each other need look no further than Manitoba. Fine dining, spas and cozy accommodations make every stay memorable.

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Laura in Paris said...

What a trip! Skyes, animals, space, freedom ...