Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Trademarked, Registered and Copywritten

Sometimes it takes a while. Half a lifetime. To discover. What your purpose is. What floats your boat. (gosh that's cliche) I think the process of elimination is a very good strategy. Try this. Don't like it? Nope. Fine then. What next? Try that. Don't like it? Nope. No worries. What next? Try this. Like it? Kinda. O.K. What next? Try this and this and this and this. (ignore the snickering in the background. their opinions do not - I repeat - do not count in this process) Like any of those? Not really. Alright. What next? Try this. Love it? Ah huh. Pardon. Ya. Would you mind speaking up a little bit. Yes. I said 'yes' I love it. Well then. That wasn't so bad was it. Good. Trademarked, registered and copywritten.

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