Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunshine Award (I could use some sun)

How does one respond to a compliment like this?:

"Prolific and provocative prose from one whose finger is on the pulse of culture." - Kitty at Organic Orgy.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. for sending this Canadian blogger some sunshine today. (our long range shows 7 days of cloud and cold)

How does one select just 12 blogs that bring sunshine?":

I'll do my best, however, I read and adore all the blogs on my right side bar Blog Tour. I would encourage you to travel the world through these power bloggers!

The Sunshine Award goes to:

1. This list must include my 2 Daughters who have started blogging in the past year. Taylor Darling and The Pearl Curriculum (co-written and published by My Egypt Girl and Phil). As a proud Mama, I read them daily (and stomp my feet when they don't post enough!!!) - and one of my friends said it best 'Young people are natural, authentic, honest bloggers.' I agree.
2. Fiona Richards of Cartolina Cards. Unreal pleasantries. Shocking heaps of good visuals. A blogger with an eye that meets mine = wonderment. Delight. A fellow design Canadian.
3. Dottie Angel. It's just so darn fresh and homespun and craft-fantasy-lovely. She makes me want to be a better blogger and doer. Unusual photo compositions and creativity from a run-down cottage by the sea in America.
4. Dutch Blue. Happy primary colours kissing pastel hues. Textiles to drool on. Positivity and longing to be so productive. A happy, happy place in the Netherlands!
5. Fibercopia. I've just started reading this blog that is all about textiles. I've fallen hard for it. I didn't even know that I was passionate about textile!
6. Forty-Sixth At Grace. You know my favorite food group is cake. You know I love photography. You know I love little stories hidden inside images. Behold this blog, for it shall save me.
7. From Britain With Love. Don't know what it is about that union jack place, but this blog floats my cross-atlantic boat. (that's twice I've used this saying this week...hmmm)
8. From The House of Edward. It's hard for me to put into words how I feel about this blog. It's the 'words' which I swoon; like visiting Pandora or a hobbit world or a land, far, far away. Her writing softly carries me adrift on the most pillowy cloud in the sky or across and into an oil painting. I lose myself in her words.
9. Saipua. I just dig her. Really dig her.
10. Race of Style. Jan, my blogging sister. We think alike, we blog alike (similar topics on the same day....ooooooo.....spoooooky). Who knew this could happen? Across the pond. My British gal pal.
11. Today I Love. Brilliance in blogging. Quick, down and dirty beautiful. The 'take your breath away' hit of 'like' every morning.
12. Wabi & Sabi. The Swedish One. The Blogebrity. The friend who is the finest blogging curator on the internet. Period. Don't miss a day. Heart thumping greatness.

Hopefully they will find the time to pass this along to their favorite 12, and so on and so on!


Jan said...

Who knew when I lost one of my sisters that I'd be getting a new one?
Of course, there's no chance that I'll ever keep up with you Patti - but I can try !
Thank You & much love ♥ Jan

Fiona Cartolina said...

Thank you!
I am honoured!
I had no idea you visited my blog :-)
Look forward to listing my Sunshine award winners soon at The Cafe.

Kitty said...

You are so welcome, Patti! xo kitty