Sunday, 21 February 2010

Scary Scareb Sunday

In was a normal Sunday morning. Well, it was a normal Sunday morning and it wasn't a normal Sunday morning. My son is at a friend's house and my husband is at work and I'm alone with the dog savouring my morning coffee; the sun today is glorious - glorious for a Canadian February morning. I've even turned off the furnace and opened the window beside me. That's when my normal Sunday morning became the 'scary scareb sunday'. I had just gotten out of the longest and most incredible pampering shower, twisted my gloss-treated hair into a white fluffy towel, poured a second cup of joe and sat down to do a post. I think he may actual kill her. I grabbed my camera and thought about filming the dog in the backyard in an effort to capture his violent, abusive screaming - but decided to mind my own business, holding onto my lucky scareb to wish her safety. I mean. What would you do? The man and women living behind me in the most lovely home are scrapping it out like wild wolves. Things are slamming - fuck you - bitch - loser - and other horrible words are being shoved in her face. It's been going on for close to an hour now. I do not know them. What would you do? (I am NOT making this up.)


amandaleena said...

Ryan and I used to live in an apartment next to a man who beat his children on a constant basis, the only thing you can really do if you fear for their saftey is to call the police, they won't tell the neighbors who called if you ask them not to, and normally they know how to handle it from there.

Tracie said...

I agree that calling the police is the right thing to do. You should not put yourself in danger by personally interfering . . . perhaps it will be an opportunity for her to ask for help from people in a position to do something for her.

Fantastic video from Patrick Stewart-thanks so much for sharing it. Such an important message!

lifeinredshoes said...

You call the police...AND THEN YOU PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!

Taylor said...

Well these beautiful (ehem- provacative) pictures certainly caught my eye!

About the neighbours...must have been strange and I'm sure you did what you thought was best.

Allen said...

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Jan said...

You did the right thing Patti.
Interfering not a good idea.
Not pleasant listening though.

Anonymous said...