Friday, 19 February 2010

My New Teapreneur Business Postcard

I love a larger business card. Don't you think a postcard is more substantial? - can be pinned on a bulletin board, framed, layered on a fridge (if you do that), used as a bookmark, scrapbooked....I decided to have fun with this card. Tea was discovered in 2737 BC China and I love the Cinderella-esque look of it! I like how it tells a story....I'm bringing the tea house to you! I'm galloping your fine loose tea selections to your home! Fun! More views here and check out the superior snow cap green tea. Luscious.
***Dear Readers, Some of you may be wondering about my new venture. Why Tea? Why Now? Here's why.


sealaura said...

I love postcard businesscards, yours are gorgeous. I post mine on my inspiration board. Plus if they are so pretty to look at how could anyone forget your business and not call you!!!

Merisi said...

I love pretty business postcards like yours. Ideally I like it when I have a choice of a smaller one too, it is not always convenient to carry large ones around.

Jan said...

And yes bigger is better.

Di Overton said...

Love the idea and the post/business card