Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ethical Ocean

I just discovered the most interesting and fresh place to shop!!! (Thanks Andrea! xo) Ethical Ocean is a socially responsible online marketplace for eco-friendly and ethical products that are sourced from vendors around the world. In 2007, a group of travellers were packed like sardines into a small car en route to Montreal from Toronto. As they bounced down the highway, they bounced around ideas for businesses that would help to improve the world. The rest is history; two and a half years later, an idea that started small has grown in to a fully-functioning online ethical marketplace. Our six team members come from various backgrounds, but have come together under a common belief: that trade and ethics need not be separate; rather, the future of commerce will require the integration of ethics. It will be consumers who demand these type of products and services, and the businesses who combine economic and ethical motivations will flourish. These remarkable glasses were created from bottles rescued from the waste stream. Isn't that so cool!!!!??? They have been made on the shores of Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories since 1994. They use original northern patterns made by local artists. Each of their pieces are individually polished, stenciled and sand-blasted by hand. I think they'd make wonderful flower vases too! Oh...gotta go...the site is so intriguing. I know you'll find something very wonderful! LPxo

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