Sunday, 3 January 2010

White Out White In

The weather did not inspire me, rather it kept me company while I stroked the plaster walls. The colour is 'Atmosphere'. In fact, for all of you budget-conscience DIYers out there, it is a pre-mixed Walmart interior latex. $23/gallon. The colour looks white oui? But actually it's more of an icy blue, similar to my current Canadian landscape; beyond my dining room door. I'm lovin' it. Fresh, Open, Airy. Wide. White Space. White Out. White In.


Angie Muresan said...

Very refreshing! And I admire you for starting on the DIY projects so early in the new year.

A-M said...

Ah yes we had shocking rainy, humid weather today so we had a DIY day too....assembling an outdoor kitchen BBQ. Loved your book. Couldn't put it down. So sad when one finishes a book... wished it could go on and on. A-M xx